What You Need From Data Center

More and more companies opt for colocation instead of a building in order to maintain their in house data center and significantly reduce infrastructure cost. Not only that, a few other reasons why companies these days seem to resort to colocation are the increased level of security as well as the increased level of redundancy and also power capacity. While this seems like the best option there is, it does not come without one caveat: the stakes. Yes, there is always that possibility of downtime error which costs about $7,900 per minute – which is exactly the reason why you must carefully select your data center. Don’t just roll the dice and get yourself trapped in a contract which may or may not be suitable to your business’ needs. The following is a list of requirements you must look into when looking for a good and reliable data center.

Check the data center’s uptime

When we look at the most common causes of a data center’s downtime, it’s always either the faulty equipment or human error. Both shouldn’t be an issue with reliable data centers as they’re responsible for the operation and maintenance of your equipment. By checking their uptime, you will be convinced that they do not only fix an issues when it occurs, but also maintain all the required equipment as well as detect and address potential threats before it worsens.

Choose data center with staff on-site

When we decide on data centers, we expect to get professional care they offer in the advertisement. When we know there is always a professional staff manning the data center at all times to ensure everything is running without an issue and should there is an emergency, said staff will be ready to mitigate any potential issue and promptly launch a preventative maintenance. Data centers with professional staff on-site will make it easier to monitor your equipment – be it by phone or other means.

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