Thinking About What I Shall Do

I have not ever really liked to have other people tell me what to do, so that is a big thing to think about when I am planning out my life after school. I have had this one idea, but it is not really obvious to me how it is practical. I know this guy, he lives down the street and he owns his own house even though he is only twenty seven years old. Mostly what he does is web design, but it is a little more complicated than that. He does a few other things to make money, all of it has to do with computers and programming computers. In fact he does not leave his house to do his job, but I do not really understand it. It seems like he is doing it all as a contractor, rather like you hire some person to fix your house.

Of course if you want to be your own boss, then the obvious thing is that you need to have a skill that is marketable. It is really obvious that computers are the best thing to know about if you want to make money. Every aspect of the modern world is tied to computers, every person that you see has a pocket sized computer on them. That is what your smart phone really is obviously. That is where the future lies it would seem, personal computers are not selling like they used to it would seem. However everyone has a smart phone and a lot of people have to have the best and newest model every single year. Of course you will also have computers running everything in your house before too long, the house will have a brain and that is going to be something that is going to be important.

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