They Created a Fantastic Logo for Me

I thought that the logo that I had for my company was spot on, but I could not have been more wrong. I had designed it myself, which could be the reason I was blind to how ineffective it was. While the design was actually cool, it just was not relevant for the company that I own. I had hired an ecommerce website design team to help me with my new website, and I was really happy when they told me they could help me with my logo too. What I really liked about this company is how upfront and honest they were about my own design.

They were respectful, but they were also honest, and that was exactly what I needed. They explained why my logo was not working for me, and they told me about their logo design option. I looked at some logos that they have designed for other companies, and I knew that I was leaving this in very capable hands. Something else that I really liked was that if I did not like it, I could also be honest about it. If they had to redo the design a dozen times until I was happy with it, then that was okay because that is part of the package deal they have.

This company created a great website for me, and it has really improved my customer base a lot. However, it is the logo that I am most pleased with. Just think of the companies that you deal with on a regular basis. When you think of them, it is really easy to imagine their logo too, right? That is what I wanted. I wanted my logo to be easily recognizable, and that is what this company made happen for me. To say I am completely satisfied still does not express just how pleased I am.

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