I Needed an App Designed for My Company

When my boss asked me about some ideas I had mentioned at a previous meeting of the minds, I was really happy. I had a fantastic idea that involved having an app that not only our employees could use but our customers could as well. I knew that it would help our staff work quicker in some instances, and it would also make our customers very happy that we are putting them first. He asked me about the custom web app development that would need to take place to get the app up and running.

I had done my homework on every aspect of this because I did not want to get the green light to go with it and not be fully prepared. I don’t know the first thing about creating an app. I can use them, but the creation and implementation of them would have me feeling very inadequate. That is why I researched different companies that do develop apps, and I had found one that I knew would be the perfect one to help us develop this app so we could take our business to the next level.

Thinking About What I Shall Do

I have not ever really liked to have other people tell me what to do, so that is a big thing to think about when I am planning out my life after school. I have had this one idea, but it is not really obvious to me how it is practical. I know this guy, he lives down the street and he owns his own house even though he is only twenty seven years old. Mostly what he does is web design, but it is a little more complicated than that. He does a few other things to make money, all of it has to do with computers and programming computers. In fact he does not leave his house to do his job, but I do not really understand it. It seems like he is doing it all as a contractor, rather like you hire some person to fix your house.

Of course if you want to be your own boss, then the obvious thing is that you need to have a skill that is marketable.

What You Need From Data Center

More and more companies opt for colocation instead of a building in order to maintain their in house data center and significantly reduce infrastructure cost. Not only that, a few other reasons why companies these days seem to resort to colocation are the increased level of security as well as the increased level of redundancy and also power capacity. While this seems like the best option there is, it does not come without one caveat: the stakes. Yes, there is always that possibility of downtime error which costs about $7,900 per minute – which is exactly the reason why you must carefully select your data center. Don’t just roll the dice and get yourself trapped in a contract which may or may not be suitable to your business’ needs. The following is a list of requirements you must look into when looking for a good and reliable data center.

Check the data center’s uptime

When we look at the most common causes of a data center’s downtime, it’s always either the faulty equipment or human error. Both shouldn’t be an issue with reliable data centers as they’re responsible for the operation and maintenance of your equipment. By checking their uptime, you will be convinced that they do not only fix an issues when it occurs, but also maintain all the required equipment as well as detect and address potential threats before it worsens.

Choose data center with staff on-site

When we decide on data centers, we expect to get professional care they offer in the advertisement. When we know there is always a professional staff manning the data center at all times to ensure everything is running without an issue and should there is an emergency, said staff will be ready to mitigate any potential issue and promptly launch a preventative maintenance. Data centers with professional staff on-site will make it easier to monitor your equipment – be it by phone or other means.

NEX Datacenter – Colocation Server and Data Center in Indonesia

They Created a Fantastic Logo for Me

I thought that the logo that I had for my company was spot on, but I could not have been more wrong. I had designed it myself, which could be the reason I was blind to how ineffective it was. While the design was actually cool, it just was not relevant for the company that I own. I had hired an ecommerce website design team to help me with my new website, and I was really happy when they told me they could help me with my logo too. What I really liked about this company is how upfront and honest they were about my own design.

They were respectful, but they were also honest, and that was exactly what I needed. They explained why my logo was not working for me, and they told me about their logo design option. I looked at some logos that they have designed for other companies, and I knew that I was leaving this in very capable hands.

Internet Marketing For Small Business


Internet Marketing For Small Business

Marketing a small business may seem like an easy deal, but there are quite a few loopholes to be covered. First and foremost is the issue of money. Whereas large companies are quite comfortable dishing out funds for advertising, PR and the like, small firms are not.

Overheads for small companies are quite large considering their gross incomes. When economies of scale are taken into account, large companies benefit greatly.

Small ones suffer.

The marketing of the business is directly proportional to the scale of that business. Nonetheless, small companies need not despair.

There are many ways of marketing a small business. If you have a home-based business, its best if you learn all about marketing early, and learn it well. You know you haven’t the cash to sink into an advertising agency, or to pay for radio and television time. However, you do have one thing.

You have the internet!

The internet offers various marketing tools for the small-business owner. The trick is to use these tools in the right manner, at the right time. First of all, build your own website. Without having a website where you can advertise your wares and services, you might as well close down. Start off with something easy, like Google Adwords.

You can custom-build your ads, and only have to pay if someone clicks on your ad. Since this click leads directly to your website, it’s hard to begrudge the clicker. The trick is to have a smart website. You might do well to invest some money with a professional copywriter and graphic designer. The internet has become the one-stop shop for many millions. It’s time you took advantage of it!