4 Reasons to Use Sage 50 Accounting

For every business, inventory, payroll and credit card management has always been a tedious yet essential task that it has to carry out correctly and accurately in order to make profit and to serve its clients well. As business operations have been highly digitalized nowadays, this management task can also be done electronically. Sage 50 is considered a handy tool for this purpose as it offers many features that make such task easier to handle. Previously called Peachtree Accounting in the United States and Simply Accounting in Canada, the handy accounting program is now integrated under one name: Sage 50 Accounting. Here are 4 reasons to use Sage 50 for your business accounting management.

  1. It is available as either desktop application or online service.

Sage 50 users can use either the traditional desktop application or online Sage 50 hosting. The former is the traditional approach of using an accounting application and is a good choice for people who cannot access internet all the time. The online hosting option is considered a better choice for people who have steady access to internet. See below for explanation why the online version is better.

  1. Sage 50 is available as software as a service that offers many great advantages.

As an online application, Sage 50 is considered more reliable due to its scalability and security. Users only pay for what they use when they rely on the online version, so the cost paid can be kept as minimum as possible. Scalability feature allows users to expand the features of the application that they use whenever necessary. Relying on online Sage hosting is also more secure as the application is constantly monitored, enhanced and updated by the developer. Critical data are also perfectly secured when you use the online version. The desktop version of this application can work in sync with the cloud version when connection can be established. Call SAGE 50 Technical Support Number to get more information about both versions of Sage 50.

  1. Sage 50 is simply a reliable tool.

Sage 50 offers sound and secure accounting package, robust and accurate reporting function, enhanced estimating function, and diversified and constantly updated cost databases. For managing inventory, payroll and credit card, among others, Sage 50 is simply a great tool.

  1. Sage 50 offers excellent customer support.

Any questions regarding this application will be answered thoroughly and clearly, regardless of whether you are already a Sage 50 user or not. You can obtain information about this program as well as solutions for your problem while using it by contacting Sage 50 Support.

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