3 People Skills Every Business Owner Should Possess

Loyal clients and happy employees are the lifeblood of any business. Since business owners deal with both types of individuals on a daily basis, it behooves them to possess top-notch people skills. No matter what kind of industry your enterprise servers, being well-versed in communication is sure to do you a world of good. On the flip side, being a poor communicator who lacks essential people skills is guaranteed to lead to copious confusion and high-level miscommunications. In the interest of keeping both workers and clients happy, business owners should exhibit prowess in the following areas.

1. Task Delegation

Knowing how to properly delegate tasks to your various employees is an essential skill for a business owner – or anyone who occupies a supervisor position. Delegating tasks entails knowing your employees very well – i.e. possessing a solid understanding of each team member’s core strengths and primary weaknesses; this will ultimately enable you to assign tasks to the best-qualified individuals, thereby increasing efficiency and client satisfaction. Entrepreneurs on the hunt for more information on team building can find it here.

2. Mediation

If your company is too small to warrant hiring a human resources manager, the task of mediating employee disputes will fall to you. Unsurprisingly, if you don’t have much mediation experience, helping your team member’s work out their differences can often seem daunting. Unless the issue is completely one-sided, it’s important to make both parties feel as if their concerns are truly being heard and to come up with solutions that are mutually beneficial. Disputes between team members can hamper productivity and lead to a diminished quality of work, so it’s in everyone’s best interest that workplace harmony be maintained.

3. Responsiveness

No one enjoys being ignored – particularly in the world of business. When dealing with clients, you’ll need to be as responsive as possible to their questions and concerns. This means responding to all emails, phone call and other communications within 24 hours and never giving them the impression that they’re being actively ignored. If a client feels that he or she isn’t being heard or shown proper respect, they’re liable to avoid working with you in the future.

As a business owner, you’ll be communicating with a fair number of people each and every day. Whether you’re delegating tasks to your staff or making a pitch to a prospective client, it’s imperative that your people skills be well above average. Knowing how to efficiently delegate assignments, mediate employee disputes and respond to client queries in a professional manner is sure to serve your business well.

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