How to get search engines to notice you?

get search engines to notice you

When search engines started to exist, it was easy to rank your webpage. Just using the right keywords in your articles could lead you to the first page of Google. But nowadays it is becoming harder and harder to optimize your website so it can rank on top.

Search engine optimization is the ability to put your page neck to neck with best ones out there. You constantly need to learn it because, every few months, something changes in search engines that have an effect on ranking. There are a couple of tips that are always useful. Getting the website on search engines isn’t hard, but to rank it high is a challenge.

Quality content

Quality over quantity now matters when it comes to article or blog writing. It is always easier to write everything you know about a certain topic, but Google has gone far from that and established something called Hummingbird. With this program, articles which focus on a wider topic won’t do as well as articles that are in one single niche. This isn’t just about the topic you write, it is about how thorough it is.

For example, if you write about top 10 largest snakes, you need to cover everything about them. Cover where they live, what they eat, and basic information about how large they can get and what is the largest. You need to be thorough so people can say after they read your article that they know everything about largest snakes in the world.

Title tag and meta description

When you search in Google for a keyword, the link that you click on is called title tag and a short description beneath is meta description. This is very important when it comes to search engines because it is the first thing that users come across. If your website is related to soccer training, you need to have “soccer training” somewhere in the title and in the meta description. There are many ways you can optimize your meta description. Don’t overuse it, just once is enough if the rest of the title and description is okay. So, when people search for those two words your website will show up.

Of course, this is just the tip of the ice berg because Google also searches for what is on the page and not just the description. There are many companies that work in these little things that matter. Click here to read more about it.

Search console

Yahoo, Google and other search engines are willing to teach you how to rank better on their website because if you have quality content they will have it too. When it comes to Google search console, it can show you everything about traffic you get through your website. Also, it shows the traffic for every page you have on the website.

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Beside the click you get, you can also see the impressions. This means that people are searching for your keyword but just passing through and not visiting the website. You can use this information and ad those keywords to your article.