Effect of Web Design on SEO, Branding and more

Website designing isn’t any isolate section of your company’s branding but a rather influential part of the same. Web Design can affect various aspects of your business like its SEO, Branding, Traffic, conversion rate and many more. Design based elements are specifically powerful, even more so than the content.

Specific things that might lead a user towards mistrust are:

1-Busy and complex layouts

2-Unneccesary pop-up advertisements and unrelated ads

3-Small font that is too hard to read

4-Monotonous design and lack of colors

5-Slow loading intro and load times

Web Design and SEO relationship

When looking at Web design with SEO optimization in mind, one has to keep in mind the long term impacts of the same. Web Design Company Mumbai understands that trends in website design come and go but your brand and internet presence is here to stay. If you focus too much on the ever changing designs, it can be hectic as well as problematic but the thing is that you cannot completely ignore the latest styles.

The latest trend in Web Design Company Mumbai is the parallax design which features a single long page that goes on forever until the content lasts. This attracts users as they can keep on scrolling without having to switch from one page to another. This pattern is loved by website owners as it keeps the readers engaged till the end and reduces the bounce rate. Your entire keywords are all aligned in a single URL which might be attractive to a customer now but could have negative consequences over your search engine rankings later on.

Branding and Website Design

First and foremost you need to be clear about the fact that your website design by Web Design Company Mumbai is not your brand but is an essential brand element. This particular brand element helps build trust with audience. Branding is a long term investment with the end goal of keeping the customers with the company for a long duration.

A brand with good brand recognition is more likely to get numerous customers on a regular basis. From design prospective, it is quite evident that design elements you choose for your branding is directly going to affect your overall branding strategy and the position of your brand in the market in comparison with its competitors.

Web design and Conversion rate

Web Designs can effectively affect conversion rates especially if you consider the following elements:


Websites with user friendly designs are more likely to generate higher revenue and reduced bounce rates as users find it easy to understand the schematics of your business. A complicated design can cause people to lose interest in your business and make them discontinue browsing.


The call-to-action words you use should be highly attractive and catch your user’s attention, like the word “free” or “Discount” to encourage users to buy or download stuff that has faced reduction in sale.


Colours are highly responsible to establish an overall tone to your website. Red and other bold colours attract attention whereas blue or navy establishes trust.